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About Styx

We are motherfucking Styxgaming. A gaming community focussing on all the various fields of Call of Duty 4, mostly CoDJumper and Promod. Next to a nice community full of great members, we support Promod Team, an Elite Jumperteam, and a skilled GFX department.

Styx Gaming was founded and lead by Hassan and Cameraadt and takes his name from the famous mythological river Styx, the border between the land of the living and the land of the death. This symbolizes it's members who are on the border between having a life, and having no life at all... Or Hassan and Cameraadt just liked the sound it when they got stoned some day.

The Features
The Styx Gaming Community is originally founded in the Netherlands, but our fanbase is spread all over Europe and the rest of the World. Styx Gaming currently supports 4 public CoD 4 servers and a range of scim and promod teamservers. Next to our servers, Styx is involved with organising tournaments, both Softcore and Promod, hosting servers for other clans, and various member competitions.

The Members
Styxgaming is an ever-growing clan, with a great memberbase, these can be devided into 2 groups. Level 3 members are recognised by their Sc| tag on the servers (e.g. Sc|Cameraadt). These are all fine players, who have gone trough a hard recruit time. As we are a big clan, we can affort to only accept the best in their respective fields, these can be good Promod players, epic jumpers, GFX masters or super admins. This is the core of our community.

The Elite Members
These are the people who have helped Styx become a better, people who excel in what they do and represent the Styx community and clan in that. These players are recognized by a Styx Tag in front of their name (e.g. Styx|Cameraadt or Styx Hassan). These members are personally chosen by staff, and may count it as an honour to be representing Styx in all it’s fields.

Over the years, styx has grown from a tight-nit community of CoD4 Softcore and Promod players to a multigaming clan with player representing them on various games and modes of CoD4. At this moment we have 4 main departments in styx, all with their own amazing players and members. These departments are CoD4 Promod, CoDJumper, League of Legends and a special department that recruits skilled admins for our servers. All of these members together form the Styxgaming Clan.

The Bosses

The big brain behind Styx, ever plotting, ever scheming, ever improving this clan. Hassan lives in the north of the Netherlands (somewhere even google maps can’t find), and devides his time between smoking weed (mostly with Cameraadt) and making sure Styx Gaming, and all related ventures are run smoothly. Hassan is the guy who owns our dedicated server, and makes sure our servers and sites are kept online, a task he does very well.

“The other boss”, a to-be history student obsessed with making things run smoothly, writing enormous stories about how things should be ran (of which about half work). And co-founder of Styxgaming. Next to making sure the Styx staff works like they should, he is in charge of the organisation of the styx League of Legends tournaments and teams.

Razor*C is the undercover leader of Styx. An ex-H.S.A. member. If there is a problem which can't be solved there is always Razor*C to solve it, he saved the clan alot of times. Thanks to him StyxGaming is where it is at this right moment. He's helping the whole clan to a better level. He's as well Leader of the CodJumper, to maintain a high and steady traffic.

Topper "Human Punkbuster" Harley, started in this clan as a recruit and found his way up quickly to Clan Leader. He, together with Razor*C, is an ex-H.S.A. member. Now Topper is working as clan leader. The nickname "Human Punkbuster" is coming from the legend for once banning 124 hackers in 1 month. He works mainly on the COD4 and forum side of the clan, he makes sure everything is running smoothly.

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